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Letters from a perfect imperfectionist – Listening to Ashley

Over at Ashley Latter’s training centre the other night (with our Jon) to support Cahill Dental Care and their Study Club evening.

It was nice to be in the audience for a change and also to admire Ashley’s professionalism and experience.

We reminisced over how many years have passed since I saw his two-day course with Barry Oulton and Neil Sampson at the Worsley Novotel (I think it was called that then), two of his first dental clients.

All three of us were blown away by the material and the delivery.

Ashley was good back then – now he is just brilliant and a compulsory recommend for all of my clients.

Over the years, Ashley has been a constant example to me of how to nurture a client base.

His attention to detail is outstanding, his empathetic listening effortless and his attitude to work is an example to us all.

If you want to learn how to sell and how to communicate – visit the master.

He’s a good mate as well. Ego-less and caring.

Like all my mates – I don’t see enough of him.

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