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Letters From A Perfect Imperfectionist: I Want An Apple Watch

I don’t need one.I just want one.

Having watched Jony Ive’s preposterous introductory video (surely the most impressive piece of voice-over garbage created in the history of marketing), I still want an Apple Watch.

I have a watch – in fact I have more than one watch.

My beloved Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean cost me a lot of money, quite a few years ago and was my ultimate statement (to myself) about how successful I thought I was (in the days when such tokens and symbols were more important to me).

I haven’t yet descended to 2000 feet below sea level to see if it stays water-tight and keeps working – that wasn’t why I bought it.

My Omega is the kind of watch that you expect to leave to your eldest son when your time runs out.

It does make me feel a little bit like Daniel Craig/James Bond every now and then.

I notice from the Omega web site that the current price is double what I paid 10 years ago.

Clearly, experiences are recession proof.

My Garmin watch can track my running routes using in-built GPS tracking.

I used to have a few other fashion watches but the Omega blew them all away and I never thought I would want another watch.

But now I do.

My eyesight nowadays is probably too weak to see some of what will be on that screen (and I’ll most likely have to wear the smaller screen because I have thin wrists).

An Apple watch won’t do anything that I can’t already do with my iPhone 5s (that’s another story), my iPad Mini Retina Display and my Macbook Air – oh and my watch.

But I still want one. Probably an Apple Watch Sport – because that will make me feel sporty.

That’s the power of Tribes.

Don’t tell me you don’t feel the same way – about something.

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