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Learning the new "dance steps" of Dentistry 2.0 - The July newsletter from Extreme Business

July is likely to be a month of frustrating delays.

You might be delayed by the ability to deliver certain procedures.

You might be delayed by the availability of PPE because that has continued to be a challenge – and will continue to be a challenge. 

You might have been delayed because the owner of the practice is trying to make the best assessment possible in these very confusing times, of the pace at which patients can be allowed back in the building and also the pace at which team members can be allowed back as well. 

One of the things that we are learning from those practices that have gone back to work, is that – if you’ll allow me to repeat some of the phrases that I’ve used before – we are returning to Dentistry 2.0. 

It is a new dance that’s got new steps and the interesting thing is that there are three cohorts of people who actually have to learn those new dance steps. 

To read the extended article and our July newsletter in full, click HERE.

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