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Leadership without delegation

“I don’t know how to find the right people.” Heard that before? We certainly do – on a regular basis, from clients who are struggling and overwhelmed. I spoke with a lady dental principal yesterday who provides 5 days a week of clinical dentistry and then runs her own business in the evenings and at weekend. There is no point in building a team of low-paid people who bring every decision and problem back to you. Like another struggling dentist I met yesterday who pays his staff between £6.50 and £7.50 an hour – that’s the wage range – and he wonders why nothing gets done unless he does it himself – duh. Just like Gulliver, he and you will be pinned to the ground by numerous decisions, transactions, situations, relationships, crises, repairs, conversations, signatures, letters, emails, forms to fill in, calls to make, beans to count – and on, and on, and on. Do you ever feel like that?

“Why don’t you all just leave me alone!!!”

There is a way out of that. It’s called effective delegation to a highly-paid and well motivated team. To do that you will need money and time and people. And that buys you freedom from “work” and the opportunity to create some “wealth” as well as “income” – any hard-working fool can create “income” I know – I have been there for 38 years this year. A busy fool. Now I’m on a mission to maintain my income and create some wealth. Wealth for me, for my business partners, for my team and for my clients. Wealth buys you freedom. I want to be free.

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