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Leadership – and how to measure it?

You may recall a Leadership Intensive that we held a few months ago, working with a group of dental practice owners and their practice managers. At the conclusion of our 2-day conversation (on exactly what leadership is – and what to do about it) we created a 100-question assessment form to accompany the many other such assessments we use in The Dental Business School. To quote Michael Gerber:

There is no performance without accountability and no accountability without measurement So we use assessments to measure how our clients are improving in all areas of business systems – finance, sales, team building, practice environment, marketing, patient journey, personal progress – to name but a few. The new Leadership 100 is in beta testing stage and I’ve distributed it to my existing clients today and requested feedback. BCC Leadership 1001.pdf Please feel free to take a look – use it with attribution and offer any constructive comments.

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