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Keeping associates happy

Dental practice owners love to complain to me about their associates: • doesn’t show up on time • leaves early • ambles along at a steady pace • no attachment to the brand • no connection with the team • patients are patients and not people • fails to recognise obvious opportunities to up-sell treatment • doesn’t attend team meetings • only listens to other dentists, doesn’t listen to the managers or team members • gossips • wastes materials and equipment • doesn’t refer to the hygienist • on their own agenda Dental associates love to complain to me about their principals/owners • the money is OK but there is no incentive to do more • the equipment and environment in my surgery are second rate • I feel as if I’m seeing all the cast off patients • the rest of the team don’t respect me • I don’t feel involved • there is no clinical career pathway here – its all just UDA bashing/check ups • I could not have anticipated how lonely I feel Go figure. Good associates (and there are plenty) want: 1. good money (who doesn’t?) 2. a good environment to work in 3. nice patients and team members 4. most importantly of all – leadership, management, clinical mentoring and sense of a career pathway All problems exist in the absence of a good conversation.

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