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JSP Media Group films T20 meeting

Today was the start of the first T20 meeting of 2014 for practice managers, followed by the practice owners leadership day tomorrow. We are proud to be working with video marketing guru, Jem Patel and his team from JSP Media Group, who will be capturing the highlights of the sessions on video. Jem has many years’ experience working as a presenter in the television industry as well as creating corporate marketing videos that showcase the best that businesses have to offer and attracting customers. There is no denying that video is one of the most powerful mediums available today and thanks to the search capacity of YouTube being linked with Google, any business that wants to remain competitive in the 21st century needs to generate high quality video content for marketing. Jem offers an attractive and accessible way to create a video for your business in a very cost effective manner. You only have to look at his website to appreciate the quality of his work. Keep an eye out for updates tomorrow on Facebook and Twitter – it’s going to be a great day!

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