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Join us tonight to discuss the struggles of BUPA Dental and the threat of clawback - is it the end?

Last Friday afternoon at the BDIA Showcase we celebrated the 3rd birthday of the Business Confidence Forum with a live panel.

Who could have imagined that, either 3 years after Lockdown or just a few days after our live event, we would be gearing up this evening for what might be our biggest attendance for a long time?

As ever, I expect our panelists to be BOP - bold, outrageous and provocative - on their comments regarding the news from BUPA Dental - as well as the impact of potential clawback on those crossing the contract-year finish line tomorrow with underperformance.

It's looking pretty much like a sh*t-show in NHS dentistry at the moment and I notice that even Confidental, the dental helpline, were posting last night, offering help to those affected by these troubled times. They really are heroes and if you need to talk to someone, details are here:

This evening at 20:00 we will have our usual panel of experts, key opinion leaders and practitioners, ready and willing to give direct answers to tough questions.

I expect nothing less than brutal honesty from the panel.

If you are a victim of this week's events, a worried owner facing clawback or an entrepreneur wondering where the opportunity is - join us for what promises to be a very honest and open debate.

The next Business Confidence Forum webinar will take place this evening from 8-9PM.

To receive joining details for the webinar, please register here:

If you have team members who would also like to join us, please share the registration link with them.

Many thanks and we hope to see you tonight.

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