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Its Friday

I don’t normally work on Fridays but yesterday I took a train to Bristol to spend the afternoon and evening helping a national dental service company work on their 3-year vision. The meeting began at 1.00pm and we were still talking (albeit rather incoherently) at midnight after a heavy meal and lashings of white wine. This morning I spent an hour recapping, summarising and listening to their presentation of what they had learned and decided. Following that, another 4-hour train journey gave me the chance to write next week’s ezine and clear emails. It’s now just after 4.00pm and I am truly tired – and looking forward to a couple of days R&R before a manic week of workshops next week. Life is good – business is good and our business manager starts work on Monday. I came through my first week without Barbara relatively unscathed – my only 2 bloopers were:

  1. sending all of my clients my mobile number and getting the sequence of the numbers mixed up and

  2. inviting all my clients to a conference call on Wednesday evening and sending them the wrong contact details – so I sat there for a few minutes chatting to a few enterprising dentists who had figured out the mistake – and then pulled the plug on the call and offered to reschedule in 2 weeks.

Apart from that – all seems well at The Business Coaching Company. So have a good weekend.

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