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It’s not much – but it makes such a difference

Friday morning and, after 2 days of professional “stuff” I’m in Bristol to co-present our first ever 2-day Leadership Intensive.I am delighted that we have 18 delegates for this event – partly because it’s a Dental Business School first, partly because we clash with the World Aesthetic Congress in London – and also because a masterpiece of bad-timing has us clashing with England’s first World Cup game against Paraguay tomorrow afternoon!

That said, I met with my co-presenter Dr Simon Hocken yesterday for a final review of our material and I’m excited and ready to roll.

We are at The Aztec Hotel just off the M5. I’ve used this venue on many previous occassions and, like all the members of The Shire Hotels group, the customer service and facilities are usually on the ball.

This morning I am delighted to discover that, since my last visit, wireless access has become free of charge for all guests throughout the hotel.

It’s what Paddi Lund would call a “critical non-essential” (CNE) and, although there is some lost revenue for the hotel, it makes a massive and welcome difference to the many business people that they focus on.

So I know that I’ll be able to keep on top of my emails throughout the event and also that we can access the web during our conference – great.

This morning I will be kicking off proceedings by throwing my delegates head first into The Discomfort Zone – all 18 of them at once.

I’ll tell you more later.

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