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As you know, there has recently been a TV writers strike in the USA – the most damaging effect of which (on my life) was the shortening of Prison Break Series 3 – leaving us all on a cliff-hanger with Michael storming off to seek revenge. Whilst the TV writers were idle, some decided to launch a web-based TV comedy series – “Dr Horrible’s sing-along blog”. You can see the trailer here – it has climbed to number 5 on the iTunes best seller list and is being sold on iTunes by the shed-load at $3.99 a pop. Proof, if needed, that web marketing is the way forward – and how does this apply to dentistry? Plenty – which is why I’m running a conference on the subject in London in September – see here for details. Spend a day with myself, an experienced web-marketing consultant and one of my top clients, Dr James Goolnik of Bow Lane Dental, who will explain “how he did it”. For now – enjoy this silly trailer:

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