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"The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles."

You are not a person of integrity:

  • If you steal money from your practice by abusing a position of managerial privilege;

  • If you accept a job, wait until your confirmation letter for mortgage underwriting purposes is accepted by the lender, and then resign from the job;

  • If you agree to a job, sign a contract and then pull out before your first day for more money elsewhere;

  • If you consistently bad-mouth your colleagues and your Employer when you think nobody else is listening;

  • If you accept a job or promotion for more money, in the full knowledge that you don't have the technical skills to deliver;

  • If you over-prescribe or over-sell;

  • If you knowingly charge too much for what you do;

  • If you think you are superior to other people (team or patients) and behave arrogantly;

  • If you agree to targets and then do nothing about it.

Sadly, this just a selection from some of the situations I've been asked to advise on in recent months.

There always were people around that had no integrity - and perhaps the current economic cycle is making them more visible.

The sad news is that they exist.

The good news is that they are a miniscule percentage of the workforce - but they can have a disproportionate effect on the performance and morale of their colleagues.

Which is why it is important in leadership and management to demonstrate zero tolerance.

At the first hint of a lack of integrity - distance yourself.

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