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After a very busy working day on Monday I was feeling pleased with myself. In spite of some remnants of “jet lag” from last week, my determination to clear the decks before a short break had me ticking those boxes on the good old “to do” list. At 4.30pm I decided to take a short siesta, to be woken by my daughters at 6.00pm for dinner. Then watched a movie just to “chill” and went back to bed at about 10.30pm. Sleep? Not a chance. The “issues” of my life began to swirl around the room, occasionally swooping down to proverbially flick my ear and stop me from going to sleep. At midnight I went for a wander around the apartment and made tea and toast. At 2.00am I got up and started answering the overnight emails from the USA. At 3.00am I settled down to read another chapter of The 8th habit, in the spare bedroom which doubles as my Italian office – with a glass of whiskey in hand. At 4.30am I turned out the lights and fell into a troubled sleep, to be woken at 7.30am by the alarm I had set the night before. Insomnia – the legacy of self-employment and the choice to live an extra-ordinary life. Double jet-lag today.

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