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Inside you

I went along all the earth, searching for a guiding light. I went all over without rest, at night and during the day, and then I heard from a preacher, who opened the truth to me, that the answer is inside my soul, and that the light which I was looking for everywhere in the world is inside me.

A Calendar of Wisdom - Leo Tolstoy (entry for 7th May)

You, like me, can spend your whole life reading personal and professional development books, watching TED talks, attending courses and conferences.

At the end of the day, the message will be the same - "sort yourself out" - and the guidance will be what it is - guidance.

The coach isn't the solution - the coach is the catalyst who encourages you to seek the solution.

The solution is you.

Good morning - time to get up, get out there and do it again.

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