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I want to tell you about a young lady who approached me at The BDIA. I was immediately fascinated by her story.

She is English based (and speaking) and was unable to get a place in a UK dental school – so she went to Hungary under her own steam, learned the language whilst there and qualified as a dentist before returning home to the UK.

If anyone needed a break, it is her – and on the basis that we should recruit on attitude and train on skill, she definitely has the X-factor.

Please share this post and if you (or anyone you know) can help, please connect with her direct on

Hi Christopher, My name is Tejal and i met you at the dental showcase this year on friday. It was really nice to meet you and thank you for taking out time to talk to me. As we discussed, I have attached my CV, portfolio and letter of recommendation from my dean as well. I am really hoping to get a job in this area as soon as possible and I really appreciate your help. Just as a reminder, since you must have met a lot of people at the showcase: So I have graduated from Hungary this year in July and I have received my GDC number (but no performers number yet). Originally from Fiji and now based in Watford, I am looking for a job in London area (any private, NHS, training (VTE) jobs which are available). I have treated patients in University clinics for past 2 years and have shadowed a few dentists to learn as much as I can during my academic years. I understand that I am a recent graduate and I will require a bit of training to get used to the system but I am adaptable and a fast learner and would really appreciate an opportunity to learn and progress here. Looking forward to hearing from you. Really appreciate your time and help Tejal Harilal clinical-portfolio


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