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Increasing your marketing ROI

I’m going to repeat myself – something I said last week and have said many times.

Every week I meet prospective clients who are throwing money at attracting complete strangers to their practice.

People who don’t yet trust you, cannot respect you and don’t know if they like you.

But the opportunity to upsell to existing patients by running an effective recall system is sidelined.

And the method by which to enjoy word of mouth referrals, to enrol your patients as your unpaid salesforce, is acknowledged and then ignored.

Don’t get me wrong – we at 7connections are in the business of helping you to attract strangers.

What do we do?

  1. we show our clients how to get a 10x return on their marketing investment – minimum.

  2. we coach our clients to 100% improvement in sales and profitability – minimum.

  3. we mentor those who want to grow to £10m in sales.

But even though we have elegant systems to achieve all three, I start the relationship with a new client by asking them

  1. to show me their recall system – which we then creatively reconstruct and then

  2. implement a robust word of mouth system (for patients and/or referring GDPs)

Before we start on all the external growth stuff.

I just have to tell you all of this again on a Monday morning, because I keep seeing good money thrown after bad and golden opportunities ignored or wasted.

To paraphrase Dan Sullivan at Strategic Coach:

“all the money that you need for the rest of your career is in the pockets of the patients that you know and the people that they can introduce you to”

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