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In the zone

Some days the work just flows, energy levels stay high, opportunity knocks, ideas flow, your mood is optimistic, you feel unstoppable.

They are special days and impossible to predict.

When you are in the zone – make the best of it and keep going until you happily drop.

They don’t come around that often.

However, waiting for those days isn’t the secret to your success, rather the way in which you navigate all the other days when you simply have to get up and get stuff done.

It’s easy being a success when you feel like a success.

Being a success when you feel neutral or negative – that requires a special kind of drive and determination.

Good leaders know this:

  1. that the days in the zone are in a minority

  2. that the days when they have to grind it out, sometimes facing criticism, are in the majority

  3. that whatever day today is, they will have to show up for their team and shine

Shining every day, no matter what, for 10,000 hours – the stuff of genius.

You know who you are.

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