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A surgery in a dental practice is an income generation unit (IGU).In a taxi firm an IGU is a taxi.

In a train company an IGU is a train.

In a restaurant an IGU is a table.

In a cinema an IGU is a seat.

In a serviced office centre, an IGU is an office.

In a financial planner’s business and IGU is a desk, a chair, a telephone and a web connection.

If an IGU is laying idle that’s a bad business decision.

So when a client emails me to tell me that a surgery in their practice is empty, I don’t care what the reason is. The client has an IGU producing no income. That’s bad business.

The fact that the existing dental associate or hygienist can only use the surgery a limited number of days each week for personal or professional reasons – is bad business.

It means the owner’s family, the support team and the customers are having to do more and pay extra to support the under-utilisation of the IGU.

So get it utilised – fast.

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