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If The Bard had access to Bard

The Folio Society have just released The Complete Plays of William Shakespeare, 1,000 copies at £1,000 a copy.

I just couldn't resist asking Bard A.I. to compose my response.

Hark, my friend, and hear me well,

I've reasons many to not quell

My urge to spend a thousand pounds

On books that are not worth such bounds.

First, let us speak of practicality,

For such a sum could buy me sanity.

I could pay my rent, or buy some food,

Or even travel to a land more good.

But books, you say, are worth their weight,

In knowledge, wisdom, and great debate.

And true it is, that books inspire,

And set our thoughts and hearts on fire.

Yet still I say, a thousand pounds

Is far too much for books that crowd

My shelves, unread, and gathering dust.

For books are meant to be read, not just Adorned with leather bindings fine,

And placed upon a shelf to shine.

So I shall spend my money wise,

And buy the books that I truly prize. And if you seek to know my mind,

On books of all the different kind,

Then come to me, and I shall share

My love of books, beyond compare.

But spend a thousand pounds on books?

Nay, I say, that's for fools and sooks.

For wisdom lies within the page,

Not in the price, nor in the age.

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