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Ideas for recruiting a business development manager

After a business planning meeting with new clients a few weeks ago, it became clear that their current expansion plans warranted the appointment of a business development manager. Sadly, I live over 400 miles away from their practice (I live hundreds of miles from most of my clients) and yet they needed my help. First off, they drew down the standard recruitment letter from my blog (see under team) and began adapting it to their circumstances. One of the partners is a keen runner and she shared the letter with the husband of her running buddy, initially to ask for editing. He promptly expressed an interest in the job. This morning I met with him on Skype for an hour. We chatted through his background and I explained the job and the context. He is ideally suited and I’ve just had an email to say that he and the two partners are meeting to discuss the terms. He is a highly-skilled and experienced manager who has been the victim of a redundancy following the acquisition and merger of his former employer by an international company. He has been seeking alternative employment for over three months. He had never considered an opportunity in a medium sized dental practice with a turnover less than 1% of his former company. But now he sees the opportunity:

  1. to eliminate a long commute

  2. to escape from the politics and bureaucracy of a corporate

  3. to express himself as a professional individual

  4. to achieve OTE as high as he previously enjoyed

  5. to take part in the expansion and evolution of a great little business

  6. with principals who have drive and passion

  7. and a team who are excited about their future

I suggest that in our current economy, there are hundreds like him.

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