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I must be back

Because I’m sat in the lounge at Exeter International Airport – with hundreds of stranded travellers – waiting for a host of delayed flights, including mine to Belfast, where I’m presenting with Isoplan this evening. After a week of no emails, no phone calls, no paperwork – in fact not even a conversation about business, it’s rather daunting to be heading off on 6 days of business travel. Back with a vengeance – but with my batteries recharged. I have to admit buying a lottery ticket on Saturday “just in case”. Don’t get me wrong – I would still turn up for work this week – and stay in coaching – just more free days and fewer focus days would be the reward. In the event I didn’t even get one winning number (again) – so it’s back to reality. This evening an invited audience on “The top 11 secrets for a successful conversion to private practice.” Actually, I’m looking forward to a live audience. If this flight ever leaves..

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