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I’m looking for 5 new clients from March 2017

I’m looking for 5 new clients from March 2017

Here’s a shopping list of the outcomes I can deliver for you:

  1. if you are building a micro-corporate, I can help with acquisitions and with the integration of new practices into your group or I can help you to locate, open and grow a cold squat

  2. if you want to improve your marketing, I can help with identifying and training a new marketing manager or coaching an existing one and with the construction and roll out of an effective marketing plan that will work without breaking the bank

  3. if you want to improve your sales, I can help by working with your Treatment Co-ordinators and your Clinicians on their communication skills

  4. if you want to delegate more of the day to day running of the business, I can help you to internally or externally identify a business development manager and train that person

  5. if you want to deliver a remarkable patient experience, I can help by working with your whole team on understanding their individual responsibilities

  6. if you want to improve your profits, I can help by sharing with you 20-years of experience with the numbers in the business of dentistry

  7. if you want to sell your practice in the next few years, I can help you polish the silver and prepare for that sale

  8. if you want a better balance, I can help by becoming your personal coach

I’m looking for 5 new clients from March 2017, who want to work with me for an initial 6-months contract on any combination of the above.

Title – Business Coach

•Start Date – 1st March 2017 or ASAP after that

•Duration – 6 months

•Fees – £1,200 pcm (including VAT). Your total investment = £7,200

•Benefits – I do not require any health insurance, or a pension, or life cover, or expenses or an invite to the summer BBQ

•Working conditions – I don’t need a desk, a chair, a telephone, a computer, a uniform, a locker or any business cards – oh, and you don’t need to be nice to me

•Attitude – I’m a business survivor and I know how to grow your business

•I’m not scared of getting my hands dirty

•In August 2017 (or 6 months after we start) I will resign on a month’s notice and ask you to provide a reference for my next client – or I’ll want you to ask me to stay another 6 months – either way I’ll want you to say that I’m worth it because I helped

What I will do:

  1. Every month I will attend a 3-hour management meeting on site with you and/or your senior managers/team

  2. Additionally, you and the team will have unlimited access directly to me via email

  3. If you need to speak face to face, I’ll happily attend Skype meetings on demand

  4. I will include you in my private client group, in which we share lots of ideas, information, systems and templates

You can read what my clients say about me on my web site – here’s one of my favourite testimonials from 2016:

“I had owned a practice for over 10 years before I started working with The Coach – I had always been self-confident / borderline arrogant enough to think why do I need a coach? But over the last few years I have met some inspiring clinicians – practice owners and business people – they all shared one thing in common – they had worked at some stage with CB.

So being a lover of marmite – CB’s own metaphor – I took the plunge and can honestly say I have no regrets at all.

His analytical approach fits perfectly with my style – even if I am a little slow to implement the changes – and I look forward to the coming months for positive changes.”

Ross Cutts – Cirencester Dental Practice

What to do next if you would are interested in becoming one of my clients next year

I appreciate that before you hire a coach and make the financial commitment, you want to be sure you are doing the right thing – that’s why I’m launching this recruitment drive for new clients well before March next year.

This is how I see things working next:

  1. if you are interested, let’s book 30-minutes on the telephone, no charge, for an initial chat

  2. if we both like the sound of working together, I’ll visit you on site for 2 hours, no charge, take a look at your practice, meet you and some of your team and listen to your story in more detail

  3. at the end of that meeting we can both decide whether we want to work together for 6 months

So all you need to do now is email me on and request a call.

You have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain – what’s not to like about Marmite?

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