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I’m back!

Traveling from Italy to England today but I’ve just written this week’s ezine over cappuccino and figs. It’s been very hot in Como this weekend and during my stay here I have slept under the stars on a private balcony at the back of our apartment. Some of the best nights’ of sleep in a long time – and waking at 4.00am to see the moon shining in a dawn sky has been a special treat.

After a good rest, I’m ready for action and looking forward to sharing my dental workshop tour with you.

Many years ago I worked at Hambro Life Assurance and watched their Sales Director’s working habits closely.

One I recall was that, after a 2-week vacation, he would spend a full Sunday in his office, catching up with the accumulation of “stuff” and issues that had gathered during his absence.

Yesterday I did the same:

1. Made a list of everything I have to do;

2. Prioritised the list.

That was enough to remove the stress I was experiencing on Saturday – the “oh my, I wonder what’s gone wrong” stress that solo-preneurs suffer (in my case my lower left eyelid twitches and I look like Long John Silver for the day, short only of a parrot on my shoulder).

By yesterday evening, the twitch was gone and I was able to enjoy a Pizza Diavalo in Argegno.

Today – I’m doing the “A’s” first…..

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