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I'm back!

Sorry – last week was so frenetic that my blogging habit fell through the cracks. We have just returned from the Dental Showcase and are moving into week 3 of 4 on the workshop trail. Today in Edinburgh. I’ll start blogging again now and tell you some interesting stories I’ve witnessed in the last few days – about the future of UK dentistry, about customer service and about the future of coaching. I’ve also reached the final stages of designing my 2006 calendar, with some radical changes for the first time in 10 years, not the least of which is a record 14 weeks vacation next year, whilst aiming for our best ever year measured by revenue and profit. How’s about that for a compelling design? Looking forward to meeting 20 coaches in Reading on Friday to show them “how I do it” – and delighted that two coaches from North America will be joining us as guests – both my clients in The Coaching Business School – one a technology coach and the other working with beauty salon owners – but they have adapted my Dental Business School material to their own markets and are winning.

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