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Hygienist pay scales

I often get asked about standard pay rates for various roles within the dental team across the UK regions. Here are some answers that I’ve come across recently for hygienists which may be of interest. I’d love to hear what you think of these numbers; whether you agree with them or not. Self employed Per hourLocation £ 22.90Edinburgh £ 24.00Belfast £ 24.00West Midlands £ 25.00Edinburgh £ 25.00West Midlands £ 27.00Central Scotland £ 27.50Edinburgh £ 32.00Dorset £ 32.00North London £ 32.00West Midlands £ 32.00Central London £ 32.00Yorkshire £ 32.00Gloucestershire £ 33.00Yorkshire £ 36.00East Midlands

Employed Per hourLocation £ 28.00Northern Ireland £ 28.00Surrey £ 28.00Devon

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