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How to surround yourself with great people – it’s easier than you think

Today is the last day at work for my trusted business manager Phillippa Goodwin.

Don’t panic!

She’s off to walk the Camino Trail in Northern Spain for the next 6 weeks – no doubt a life-changing sabbatical (I just hope that she she returns it’s not to tell me that life as my wing-man is no longer attractive and she’s off to eat, pray and love somewhere).

In the interim, I welcome Lucy Ash, who will be Phillippa’s stand in for the duration and has provided back-stage support before.

Lucy and I are bound to step on each other’s toes for a few days as we learn to dance but I’m sure we will soon be gliding around the dance floor with as much grace as ever.

Have I at any time worried that my support may suffer during Phillippa’s absence?

Not one bit, because I surround myself with great people all the time.

So how do we do that – attract great people?

The answer is remarkably easy, once you “get it”.


Don’t allow people into your life who are not great.

I’ve been prompted to remind a few clients recently of their priorities when it comes to organising a life:

  1. Yourself – practice Extreme Self Care, because when you are at your best, you are best able to serve others;

  2. Your immediate family – you cannot fire your kids, so you had better make sure to create environments in which they become the best version of themselves;

  3. Your patients (clients) – they ultimately pay the bills. They are also your most valuable marketing collateral;

  4. Your team – you are doomed to do “everything else” if you don’t attract great team members;

  5. Your suppliers – they deserve to be treated with respect and to be paid on time;

  6. Your community – those of us who enjoy success have a moral obligation to give back;

  7. Your species – we agree to conduct ourselves in an orderly and civilised fashion.

One secret of a happy life is to avoid any people who don’t play the game of life by those rules.

Be a great person (OK – perfectly imperfect – but as great as it’s possible for you to be).

Attract great people.

Serve great people.

Bon voyage Phillippa.

You can support her here:

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