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How to make a really good mistake

So yesterday (Thursday) morning I woke at 4.00am in Toronto, continuing my theme of the week (jet-lag) – and did 4 hours work in my hotel room before going downstairs to present day 2 of a 3-day workshop to 19 clients. Before I left the room I reminded myself that I had to break off from the workshop at 3.00pm local time, return to my room and facilitate an hour’s bridge call with my dental clients back in the UK. Barbara had dutifully reminded the dentists twice in the preceding 7 days of the call, the time and the bridge number. I have had the call in my calendar since January. I reminded myself that morning. And then I arrived back in my room at 5.30pm last night and suddenly saw the “where were you” emails coming in from dentists and Barbara. The answer is that I was busy delivering a workshop to 19 clients in the conference room downstairs – and completely forgot to show up. Morals of this story: 1. The coach is human and can make mistakes; 2. The coach becomes so engrossed in his work that he can forget his head is screwed on; 3. When you deliver a workshop solo (no business manager present) you are more likely to make mistakes; 4. Apologise unreservedly (this is me saying sorry); 5. Make amends – I am asking Barbara to re-book the call for a week later and I will be there from my apartment in the UK.

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