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How to grow from £100,000 to £1,000,000 in sales - sharing a moment of happiness

A short story from a client.

"Just a happy moment I like to share with my Extreme Business 100 colleagues and especially Chris

I remember the first year Chris worked with our practice and we doubled our annual turnover from 100k to 200k after the first year.

He had proven his worth and we were (are) fans and started to get fully “Barrowed-up”.

It was amazing, building up from a squat.

Putting in so much effort with very little to take home and it was slowly changing.

I remember him saying one of the practices he worked with had just broken through the 1 million turnover ceiling and that would happen for us too if we did what he was teaching us to do.

And here we are!

Monday we hit the million.

I am so flipping proud of my team (and myself) having achieved this with so many bumps.

I know many of you do much more, but for me this is such a big one. I am just really thankful to Chris and his team.

It shows that even though we are not always quick with fully implementing things, it does work if you keep at it. Also a big thanks for this group. It’s so valuable to have like minded professionals to sound off.

With a happy heart I am off now to a few days away with just the husband, which hasn’t happened since our first one was born ten years ago.

Winning on all fronts!

Cheers to us all!"

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