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How to be "in demand" for five-figure treatment plans by patients who want to pay?

Have you ever wondered what it is that sets apart those dentists who confidently and regularly sell five figure treatment plans to their patients? They seem to be a breed apart in these depressing economic times, somehow able to quietly increase turnover whilst everyone else struggles to even maintain their income. The clue is in the fact that they don’t actually “sell” anything at all; they have educated patients that actually DEMAND treatment and often have to be held back to make sure they spend their money appropriately. So, you just need “educated” patients that demand big treatment plans. Where on Earth do they come from? Well, I have found that these practices exist all over the UK, and not just in “posh” places; they don’t need to spend much on advertising because they educate and develop these patients themselves, turning “ordinary” patients into evangelical “super-consumers” of high-end dentistry. Every practice already has dozens (possibly hundreds) of potential candidates, but you might not have spotted them. Roy Higson and Andy Lane are two of those dentists who have developed very successful practices in unprepossessing areas like the industrial towns of Oldham and New Mills. They teach dentists to do all this, passing on 60 years’ combined experience, with a fantastic range of hands-on and clinical courses, but exasperate me by hiding their message under the very un-sexy banner of “Occlusion”. Come on guys, this isn’t “occlusion”; it’s how to do high end dentistry day in, day out on grateful patients and have a fantastic life! I need to have a serious word with them. They need a business coach! In the meantime you can get yourself into an exciting area of dentistry everyone else seems to be ignoring by taking Roy and Andy’s very boring sounding “Introduction to Occlusion” course in March. They need to fill the last few places quickly, so if you mention my name they will promise to donate £100 to my Bridge2Aid fund-raising site. EVEN BETTER – mention my name AND they will offer you a full refund on your fees if you aren’t 100% happy that this course has opened your eyes to a whole new income stream that will pay back at least the cost of the course every month for the rest of your practising career. That, my friends, is a KEDO – so don’t delay and download the booking form here:

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