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How people view your website

1. Intial look and feel – 4 seconds – am I in the right place?

  1. Overall brand – which demographic?

  2. Rolling graphic

  3. Images of team, premises and patients

2. Product mix – 16 seconds – do they sell what I’m looking to buy?

  1. Outline of main products in layman’s language

  2. Special offers

  3. Promotions

3. Social Media – 30 seconds – can I connect with the practice via my favoured social media channel?

  1. Facebook and Facebook Places

  2. Linkedin

  3. Twitter

  4. You Tube

  5. Foursquare

4. Do they write about what they do – 20 seconds – can I read about “a day in the life” of this practice?

  1. Blog

  2. Email newsletter

  3. PDF download of Welcome Pack

5. Shall I leave my contact details – 30 seconds – is there a compelling reason why I should give them my email address and mobile number?

  1. Free prize draw

  2. Special downloadable tips booklet

  3. Inviation to receive regular updates and invites

6. Do they have testimonials – 4 minutes – Can I hear good news from their patients?

  1. Video testimonials from a variety of demographics

  2. Including my demographic!!

7. Is there a practice tour and a description of the new patient experience? – 4 minutes – can I experience virtually what it will be like?

  1. The practice video, focused on the patient experience

8. Is there a clear call for action – 10 seconds – if I want to ask questions, is there somebody knowledgable who can help me?

  1. Telephone number – top right

  2. Possible names/photos of who I will be calling

Optional (for teachers and engineers) 9. Is there a bunch of information about dentistry? Optional (for other dentists) 10. Is there a bunch of information about dentistry?

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