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How many flying hours do you have?

Airline pilots define their experience by the number of “hours” they have in the air.

Wouldn’t that be a useful way to interview potential new team members – and also a great way to define ourselves in front of our patients and clients?

  1. “so tell me Susan – how many flying hours do you have as a dental practice manager?”

  2. “can I explain that I have 5,000 hours flying experience as an implantologist.”

Malcolm Gladwell first postulated that a genius is someone with at least 10,000 hours in their area of expertise (Outliers).

Wouldn’t it be great to be supported by a team of geniuses in your business (and life) and to be able to think of yourself as a genius at what you do (confident, not cocky)?

The first requires either careful selection or a stringent training programme for specially selected candidates (a.k.a. only recruit people who have genius potential or experience).

The second requires focus on an area of expertise, whether it’s your chosen niche market or clinical speciality.

I have 28,000 hours as a dental business coach. I’m confident that I can help you.

How many hours do you have at what you do?

Here’s another interesting thought.

The average commercial pilot puts in 900 flight hours each year (inside 1800 duty hours)

Half their time working “in” their business and half working “on” their business.

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