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How do you sell £650 handbags in a recession?

That was the question put to the CEO of Mulberry on Radio 4’s “Today” programme yesterday morning, after the company reported a 47% increase in pre-tax profits.

The answer?

  1. Quality

  2. Craftsmanship

  3. A great product line

  4. Customer Service

It really is that simple.

Question – in your practice:

  1. do you offer the highest quality?

  2. do you execute the work with the highest craftsmanship?

  3. do you have a great product line (that the customers can understand?)

  4. do you deliver great customer service?

I would argue that the same people who pay £650 for a handbag (or a man-bag for that matter) will pay top prices for a signature smile.

I bought my Mulberry man-bag over 6 years ago – and it still serves me well and attracts favourable comments.

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