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How a very busy Practice in Leeds created a world class team...

...that gives their patients a business class experience every time.

The Two Reds are Better Than One interview this week was with Jasmin Wrigglesworth - the Practice Manager of Infinity Dental - and Gaby Saracino-Hamill - the lead TCO within the practice.

Last year we interviewed Mohsin Patel who is the Principal of the practice and many listeners told us it was one of their favourite interviews. This time we get to listen to the key people within the practice who make it all happen. In this podcast you will discover:

  • How an extremely busy practice deals effectively with new enquiries both by telephone and emails;

  • The role of the TCO to give world class patient care and how the practice rotates their roles to make the job more fun and rewarding;

  • The importance of following up a patient;

  • What gets discussed and reviewed in the morning huddle and how they are always consistently evolving the patient journey;

  • The importance of the after-treatment interview, how they get 5 star google reviews, and enrol patients onto a membership plan;

  • The advantages of recruiting new team members outside of dentistry.


Listen via your favourite podcast player or below.

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