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Hiring the right people

On Monday evening my right hand swelled to twice it’s normal size – we had a good giggle about it over dinner and assumed it must be a mossie bite or something. Tuesday morning I woke with the right hand side of my face twice its normal size – I looked like Rocky – after the fight. Presenting myself at St Michael’s Hospital in downtown Toronto I was eventually informed that the cause was either: a. an allergic reaction to the detergent used to wash my bed sheets or b. an infestation of bed bugs Nice. So I’ve been taking Benedril and rubbing cream on myself ever since. It’s Wednesday morning and my hand is normal sized, my face still swollen but kids have stopped crying and dogs barking as I walk down the street. The vagrants I mentioned yesterday were getting annoyed because people were throwing money into my Starbucks Styrofoam cup. However, every cloud has that silver lining. And yesterday’s was my client Sital Ruperelia from London, England – who stepped into the breach (as I sat in the ER) and gave our group a 90-minute presentation on how to help people find the right career. I hobbled in to hear the last 30 minutes and it was excellent stuff – which led to a Strategic Alliance between Sital and I to co-present Intensives on how to: a. recruit, train and retain; b. key staff in a dental practice and c. a business manager for a coach. Question: How many coaches do you know with whom you could co-present? It’s my final day in Toronto and I’m looking forward to sitting on a bar stool in 30 minutes and just asking “how can I help?”

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