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Here we all are

Sandra left us this afternoon for her vacation – so I just wanted to capture us all for a moment.

From your left to right:

  1. Jamie Broughton – Footprint Leadership – developing new and emerging leaders

  2. Jen Koretsky – ADDmanagement – learning how to manage adult ADD and move forward in life

  3. Michel Neray – Essential Message – developing better sales and marketing messages

  4. Doug Emerson – The Profitable Horseman – learning how to make money in the horse business

  5. Paul Copcutt – Square Peg Solutions – building your personal brand

  6. Sandra de Freitas – The Tech Coach – training coaches to use technology to build their practices

How’s about that for a talented group to spend 3 days with? Great day of coaching today – my “truffles and pings” were:

  1. The importance of recognising the weaknesses in my marketing funnel – and doing something about it!

  2. The need to be very clear about my marketing message.

  3. The need to “jazz up the offer” – developing techniques that will make it easier for people to invest in our products and services;

  4. The desire to delegate the delivery of “systems” in our workshops to a professional trainer – so that what I deliver is leadership – to the clients.

  5. The need to recreate my holistic vision of what life I will have to build so that my core values can be met.

Not a bad list eh? It began to snow this afternoon – so I’m becoming increasingly convinced that it will be Jack Nicholson wandering around here later. “Here’s Johnny!”

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