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Here's some good news to share with your team this morning

My thanks to Dr. John Wilmot, who shared with me this week a Financial Times article that included the following observations:

  • Inflation rate in January 10.1%;

  • Prediction of 2.0% by the end of the year.

  • The price of UK gas for delivery in September has halved in the past two months from £2.60 a therm to £1.26 a therm and fallen more than 80 per cent since its peak last August.;

  • These falls will translate into a lower energy price cap in the fourth quarter of this year from £3,295 for a household with average consumption of gas and electricity to £2,161, according to the latest forecasts from consultancy Cornwall Insight.

  • In a further potential boost to the public finances, Nabarro forecast that retail price index inflation is also likely to fall rapidly;

  • The RPI measure of inflation to drop from the current rate of 13.4 per cent to 4.3 per cent in the fourth quarter of this year, well below the Office for Budget Responsibility’s November forecast of 6.3 per cent towards the end of 2023.

This has me thinking whether we still have the capacity to read and absorb any good news, as we approach the 3rd anniversary of lockdown and the challenges we have all faced since then.

I try my best not to watch the TV news very often, resting assured that it's unlikely to lighten my mood - crisis, crisis, crisis - strike, strike, strike.

However, I'm going to choose to spend today in a good mood for a variety of reasons:

  • Counting my blessings both personally and professionally;

  • Celebrating last night's win at Old Trafford football ground;

  • Enjoying the company today of 20 dental business owners discussing their goals for the next 90 days;

  • Looking forward to a Friday evening dinner with my wife and youngest daughter;

  • Equally looking forward to meeting 240 dental students tomorrow at the British Undergraduate Dental Research Conference in Manchester - "how to make the right impression on patients";

  • Realising that we are now moving into the next stage of an economic cycle - one in which things can only get better.

Hang in there people - the tide is turning, the skies are clearing, summer's coming.

We can all have a bigger future.

Why not share this post at your morning huddle today?

Have a great Friday and a cracking weekend.......

"Wemberlee, wemberlee - we're the greatest Man United and we're going to Wemberlee!"

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