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Here's a way to add £1 million to the goodwill value of your practice - if you get a move on

"If you can see a bandwagon - it's too late to get on."

One of my favourite quotations and referenced back in a post from 2020

Last night I enjoyed an informal supper at The Hilton Hotel, Deansgate, Manchester with my friends James Hamill and Ken O'Brien from Quoris3D in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

They had delivered the first of their Chrome roadshows in Glasgow and continue their tour of the mainland UK this week, visiting Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and London.

No big surprise that those they will be meeting are the innovators, prepared to take the time to evaluate cutting edge technology in the field of guided implant surgery.

I predict that Chrome will remain innovative for another year-ish, then, the early adopters will jump on board and, perhaps three years from now, the early majority - by which time it might just be a little too late.

If James and Ken could show you a way to increase the goodwill value of your dental business by £1 million in three years, simply by placing one Chrome case a month - would you be interested?

I certainly am, and I'm keeping a very close eye on their bandwagon to make sure that my clients can book an early seat.

p.s. the other thing I like about Chrome? It's recession-proof.

All aboard..........

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