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Hearts and Minds

In conversation the other day with a client who, a year ago, purchased a much larger practice (and team) than her original location.

She made a simple, yet profound statement:

"It has taken me a year to win the hearts and minds of the new team.

Now I can start introducing new systems and processes."

I'm sure that will resonate with many who have acquired practices, and those who are growing.

It made me think about how many of the challenges my clients report stem from the performance and behaviour of team members, self-employed clinicians and patients whose hearts and minds are not won over.

Customers buy and leave, often motivated by price, speed or convenience.

Team members, clinicians and real patients buy and buy and buy again - they buy their work, they buy your products and services, but they also buy in to your core values and vision.

They buy in to your heart and mind.

Think about that at today's huddle, at your next team meeting or when you are presenting a high value treatment plan.

Take a look around the room and take a look in the mirror.

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