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“Welcome to BranchOut… the first career-networking tool that allows you to search… browse… and utilize your FACEBOOK friends’ career information as a valuable resource.” This is the message you receive when you load the application on Facebook called Branch Out. There have been some complaints about its spamming nature and I asked my social media team to comment: About BranchOut

  1. Career networking on Facebook (or brings LinkedIn to Facebook)

  2. Launched in July 2010

  3. Competitors: LinkedIn,, Emply,,

  4. received $6M in Series A funding on 17/9/2010 from venture capital firm Accel Partners.


In my humble opinion I think this app is both a brilliant and risky one: it uses the momentum of the Facebook user database. It’s crazy that it has only been done now, and I think more will follow in line with these apps. It is risky in that BranchOut is built on someone else’s platform and there is every chance Facebook will launch something similar in the future (or maybe buy it, which seems more likely as Accel are investors in Facebook too). From a user point of view BranchOut needs to add the option to adjust your notifications because when you endorse 20 people your news feed can resemble spam. This is how the app goes viral but will equally be the reason why people hide it from their news feeds or uninstall it, so I think it is vital for its longevity to give users the option. I always enjoy seeing new developments in social media platforms, however in this instance I think LinkedIn remains the more trustworthy and sound base for this specific kind of professional networking information. I’d be interested to hear how others have found using BranchOut? Brendon Macdonald Team CB: social media

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