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Harvest time

I recall reading Covey’s 7 habits about 20 years ago for the first time – and the two important lessons that first made an impression on me were:

  1. between stimulus and response we have freedom to choose how we respond and

  2. even though there is a “way” to lead an ordered and balanced life – sometimes a farmer has to bring in the harvest – which means all leave is cancelled and the harvestors are out 24 hours a day, headlights blazing in the dark – to bring in the crop.

Well our harvest time began on 1st October and will take the next 3 months. Blazing down the M1 last night from Birmingham to Watford after:

  1. a 6.30am Monday morning meeting with the team and

  2. a full day with our Mastermind Group

were an indication that the season is upon us. Although I’m planning to take a few days of complete rest next week, it’s full on for the next 8 weeks as we launch the new company. Yesterday we gave a sneak preview to our Masterminder’s – of the new company name and the product offering for 2008. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive – as well as constructively critical – we enjoyed some priceless pointers on how to make the offer even more attractive. The whole team are energised and, over the next 10 days, we will become increasingly public and noticeable. A word here also for our Mastemind clients – what progress we have seen with them this year – in just 9 months I can report, amongst other things:

  1. two clients who have almost concluded successful pratice sales

  2. one who has brilliantly integrated a new and full-time business manager

  3. a well managed conversion

  4. a beautifully executed re-branding of a tired existing practice into an attractive new business at the same site

  5. the development of templates, toolkits, performance systems, brand standards and energised teams

that’s just part of the list – and does not include some new golf partnerships and countless hours of bar-room discussion. We are expanding the scope of our Mastermind groups in 2008 – watch the press! Today is our first Q4 team workshop – on marketing – here in Watford – and dinner with Julian English from Dentistry this evening – I have to be in Cobham for bed-time. Here goes…..

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