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Happy Birthday to me!

Yes folks, amazing though it may seem, I’m 52 years old today. Always a time to reflect upon our blessings – and so that’s what I’ll do today. Even though here in the North West of England it’s grey and wet outside – inside myself I’ll be enjoying the sunshine. I also want to mention that I share the same birthday with Kimberly Black – webmaster and techno-whizz. Yesterday, Kim walked me through the creation of my first podcast and they will become a weekly feature of our “coaching pie” from now on. Kim is a great teacher. Tomorrow I begin my journey to Toronto – there to meet with coaches in The Coaching Business School (16 of us) for three days of Intensive masterminding – I just cannot wait to get there – it feels like a cross between summer camp and an alumni meeting. I’ll let you know here what happens.

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