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This must be the first Wednesday in history that feels like a Friday.

Rachel Barrow and I will be delivering our second Edinburgh workshop today and then heading back to Manchester by train.

Ready for 4 days of rest, recuperation and reflection on what seems to have been a whirlwind start to the year - how can it be June today?

Whilst I'm looking forward to our day with clients, at the beautiful Royal College of Physicians on Queen Street, helping them to decide on their exit date and exit price, showing them the pitfalls to avoid at the point of sale, I'll be "demob happy" (as they used to describe it in The Forces) and excited to be getting home to Annie.

On my priority list for the next few days:

#1 - sleep;

#2 - a date night on Saturday;

#3 - exercise and fresh air;

#4 - connection with family;

#5 - good nutrition;

#6 - reading.

Then again, I run my own business, so there is bound to be a time when I pop down to the office and organise/catch up and prepare.

I guess we are all pretty much the same.

Have an excellent extended weekend and congratulations to an exceptional Monarch who has retained her dignity and leadership qualities for 70 years - some going.

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