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Great design: before and after

An integral part of marketing and branding is design. Great design conveys all your brand attributes, your goals and your messages through symbols and colour. Why be average? One of my favourite companies, Moo, have recently launched a very clever Business Card Project where their team redesigns your business cards free of charge. This is how Moo explains the concept behind this project: “We’ve seen the power of a good Business Card. It helps people stand out, it’s a conversation starter. We started this project so we could show you what we mean. Join in – it’s free, you have nothing to lose, and quite a lot to gain.” If you follow this link, you can see their ‘before and after’ business card designs. Is it time to refresh YOUR brand?

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Albina Konovalova
Albina Konovalova
Dec 06, 2022

Menu cover design is important for any establishment, both a large respectable restaurant and a small cafe with desserts. This is what the client touches when ordering food, and it is this thing that should fully convey the atmosphere of your establishment.

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