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Great architecture

About 4 months ago I called in to Toni & Guy hairdressers in Altrincham (because, as you know, I love the consistency of brands – and I was away from Falmouth). My hair was cut by Bev – who had worked there for 9 years. This weekend, I had less time – and so broke my habit and walked through the door of Boa – randomly chosen as one of half a dozen hairdressers in Hale. I asked for a quick haircut that afternoon – and the receptionist booked me in with – Bev – who had left T & G and joined Boa 4 days ago. So the customer service was slightly different (better actually) but the haircut was just the same – not that you can do much wrong with my receeding mop. I asked her why she had left after so many years. Answer? Because she was sick of her boss who had joined the ranks of paranoid schizo business owners who expected his team to be mind-readers. Hmmm. Just to prove yesterday’s rant – here is the new police station in Hale:

The very last shop front on your left is Boa – and behind the Range Rover is the white front of Danilos – the famous pizzeria where two of my sons are beginning their plans for world domination by working (very hard) as waiters. But dominating all is the bright new police station – it’s lovely isn’t it? And it blends in so nicely with the rest of the town square. How could an airport in Spain (see picture below) win the RIBA Stirling prize this weekend when the new Hale police station could have been entered – there is no comparison.

Anyway – I’m flying to Newquay later today and have a meeting with a former client in Liskeard early this evening to discuss coaching. Then another maniac week of travel – Yorkshire, Newcastle, Edinburgh, London. Actually, I’m really looking forward to the evening workshops.

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