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Government funded apprenticeships for dental nurses

I’m frequently contacted by people who have products and services of relevance to my clients. For over 25+ years I have maintained a policy that I do not accept introducers fees or commissions – I simply broadcast and comment on good ideas.

Lotus Dental Education trains dental nurses nationwide on a government funded full time apprenticeship scheme.

In the past, apprenticeships were restricted to young people, but now the scheme is available to all ages. The trainees work full time (a minimum of 30 hrs- 40 hrs) in practice, whilst studying through Lotus.

Apprentices are typically paid a lower wage than regular trainees (Standard minimum wage being around £8 vs £4.81 for an apprentice). In return for working at this lower rate, the apprentices receive help and training from their respective dental practice.

The Government pays 95% of the training costs, with the dental practice contributing around £300 only for the entire apprenticeship.

Kelly (owner of Lotus) has been working in dental education for 10 years and before that worked in dental recruitment for 5 years, so the decision to start working on an apprenticeship scheme, which combines elements from both businesses, was an obvious choice.

So far reports from dentists are good, as what the apprentices lack in dental nursing experience they make up for in enthusiasm and a deep desire to learn new skills.

At present Lotus is asking Dental Practices in need nationwide to place an ad on Indeed for a trainee and once a hire is made Lotus will reimburse the practice for the ad and begin the apprenticeship in partnership with the practice.

Lotus aims to positively contribute to the UK national shortage of dental nurses at this challenging time for all.

Please email if you want to know more.

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