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Google Adwords – hype or ripe?

I asked Krishan Joshi of Dental Focus to give me some feedback, after I met a dentist who was investing thousands in Ad-words.

“Hi Chris

AdWords is important but has to be done right.

Yes, the big boys can spend £5-10k per month on AdWords without blinking an eye – they’ve been doing this for years and are used to it. Others would have a sleepless night trying to compete against them just for 1 day.

It’s great to use AdWords to get top rankings immediately and to dominate the 1st page of Google.

Firstly, your website needs to impress and convert – otherwise it’s a waste of money to start.

Secondly, your website needs to show that you are either:

1. the cheapest on the block and you get the price-hunter ‘masses’ converted

2. the expert for a specific treatment on the block and you get the discerning converted

3. the best value for money – that’s what your ‘branded experience treatment packages’ have to shout

4. you target the keywords + location phrases everyone uses at the ‘end’ of the online sales process – targeting those who know what they want AND where they want it.

5. target the high end, big cases only with best ROI

… or pick & mix any of the above…

Thirdly, you need to keep analysing your AdWords and optimising it – getting rid of the 20-50% of non-converting, expensive keyphrases.

I’ve posted something similar on my blog – hopefully this will help.


Krishan Joshi aka The Master Internet Marketing Director

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