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Going for Gold


I’ve already praised the Team GB coaches this week.

Last night I listened to a brief interview with Jade Jones’s Taekwondo coach Paul Green after her semi-final win and on the road to her second gold in the early hours of this morning.

“Basically, we came here for Gold. Our preparation has been meticulous, we analysed every competitor and shadowed their style so that Jade knows their strengths and weaknesses. We know her competition in the final and we know what to do.”

Sounds like a SWOT analysis to me.

Sounds like 4 years of relentless preparation.

Sounds like little is left to chance.

Sounds like confidence.

They came for Gold.

Isn’t that exactly how we should show up every day if we want Gold in what we choose to do with our lives?

Did you come here for Gold?

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