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Giving up smoking

My request for help with this has produced some amazing emails today. Apart from a number of genuine referrals to hypnotherapists and others – and some offers of help and advice from those who have quit tobacco or helped others, I have been truly humbled by three messages:

  1. a former client who has confessed to years of cocaine addiction, resulting in a failed marriage and almost ruined business – although he has been clear for over a year;

  2. a newsletter reader whose best friend is currently in the last stages of lung cancer and has days before she leaves a young family behind and

  3. a current client who has informed me that he is currently in chemotherapy for testicular cancer and cannot work.

These messages of support and warning have made my own problems seem pathetically small and given me the impetus to do something positive with my own life. The weather outside is Mediterranean and I was seriously considering what a shame it was for me, cooped up in an office today and working on client emails and phone calls. How lucky I now feel to be able to do that.

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