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Give up the weakness, not the weekend

Monday saw the delivery of a much delayed webinar to delegates in the Million Dollar Coaching Practice programme. Billed as a “fourth quarter” workshop, our intention was to cover the material on marketing and balance in my dental workshop – but we quickly left the agenda far behind and enjoyed a day-long “good conversation” on marketing for a coaching practice. An interesting “truffle” which emerged during the day was the issue of delegation and time management. Many of the experienced coaches on the call were still sacrificing their weekend time to complete operational work on their practice, rather than hiring help to complete these tasks. A verbal exchange with coach Traci Cleary from Tampa, Florida gave rise to the expression that heads this blog entry. The “weekend” is a metaphor for all of the free time that you have to rest, rejuvenate and restore your enthusiasm. The “weakness” is control-freakery, the inability to hire adequate support or delegate those functions in your practice that can be delegated. My advice – don’t give up your weekends, give up your weakness.

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