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Getting the right things done in the last working week of the year

Monday morning and for many of us the last full working week of the year.

Over the last month, in almost all of the weekly tracker reports I have received from Practice Managers, Marketing Managers and TCOs, I read that they are up to the eyeballs in work, attempting to get everything done before the break.

Some unfortunate souls are also being seconded on to reception/nursing duties because of staff absence or shortage, making the achievement of a clear task list for the year end even less likely.

This is one of those weeks where the urgent can easily overshadow the impactful.

You might want to make two lists: The three most URGENT things I have to do this weekThe three most IMPACTFUL things that I would like to do this week

Generally speaking, URGENT is about today, whilst IMPACTFUL will be about January, about Q1 or about 2019.

It’s important to take a few moments today (as I did at 06:00 this morning) to think about what tasks you really do need to complete before Friday – especially those that will have the biggest impact.

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